Natural Food Stores | Toronto

Natural Food Stores | Toronto

Catapult POS for Natural Food Stores

By leveraging Unified Transaction Logic™ Catapult transcends the traditional POS lane to be one of the few truly Omni-Channel POS systems in the Organic and Natural Food industry. This means all critical areas of operation in your enterprise can be connected in real-time, eliminating many of the manual processes and complex and expensive interfaces that most other systems require to connect the Point of Sale, Mobile POS, Self-Checkout, Online Ordering, and Scales together.

Your transaction touchpoints all work as one platform, on one platform. It is a comprehensive solution that enables efficient management of operations.

Catapult’s fast, seamless transactions, inventory tools, back-office management resources, marketing functions, will empower organic and natural food stores and help them ascend to new heights of operational efficiency.

Armagh is your trusted local provider of Point of Sale systems for Natural Food Stores in the Toronto area. When you partner with us, you’ll get a Natural Food Store POS system that provides seamless, comprehensive management across a range of departments, and reduces complexity while improving customer service and engagement. Contact us today to speak to a Natural Food Store POS systems consultant. 

Natural Grocery Scale Scanner IntegrationSell By Weight with Front-End Scale Integration

Catapult features scale at the POS which is essential for natural food stores. This means that Catapult Point of Sale can fully integrate with weigh scales or scale-scanners to be able to weigh fruit, vegetables and other produce and bulk foods at the cash register.

Using Catapult’s touch screen PLUs / item codes can be put on touch screens for easy recall and pictures can be added for better visual recognition.

Front end scale integrations need to be certified by Measurement Canada to be legal for trade, and Catapult is fully certified for inspection with weights and measures.

Faster Transactions With ScaleAware

Our Item Group Menus, in conjunction with the Catapult ScaleAware™ software, allows for a quick and efficient method for entering weighed or non-barcoded items into the Point of Sale (POS). When appropriate Item Group Menus are selected in the Terminal Setup, and ScaleAware™ is active, when a weighed or non-barcoded item is placed on the scale, a Weighed Item Menu (produce menu, fruit or vegetable menu etc.) will automatically appear prompting the attendant to select the appropriate item group which contains the item.

The ScaleAware™ software greatly reduces the number of key strokes required for an attendant to navigate through the POS screen, and truly automates entering weighed or non-barcoded items into the transaction. Additionally, ScaleAware™ is included with Catapult POS, so no additional software is required.

AutoScale Label Printer w Pole Display For Natural GroceryScale Label Printer Integration

A Natural Food associate (or customer in Unattended Mode) can place fresh foods on a scale, weigh them, and print a barcode label, enabling stores to sell items by unit weight for each ring up. Catapult is compatible with Type-2 barcode or price embedded barcode technology, enabling 100% price accuracy between the deli scales in the back and the Point of Sale at the front of the store.

Catapult also has the capability to integrate to Scale Management systems to allow seamless item management between the retail scales in the store and the inventory file in the retail point of sale system. When Natural Food merchants choose to use Catapult’s AutoScale (depicted right) the scale management integration is embedded in the scale – or, to be more accurate, Catapult is embedded in the scale, meaning that there is no need to have a 3rd party middleware to communicate pricing and commodity programming between Catapult and the scales. This synergistic innovation is an exclusive technology only available on Catapult Grocery POS!

WebCart Grocery eCommerce Click and CollectWebCart Online Ordering

Being able to offer your Natural Food customers the ability to shop at your store at any time and any place they want is simply the table stakes required to compete in the industry now. Catapult is one of the few POS systems that has fully featured click and collect online ordering for groceries that is completely seamless, runs on the same data platform, and doesn’t require a 3rd party silo or software interfaces with all the IT overhead and complexity that that entails.

Secure OneTouch Fingerprint Security For Catapult POSIntegrated Payments

Integrated credit and debit as well as other payments improve efficiency, reduces error,  to process electronic payments. Instead, you get a direct, ultra-fast connection with the best and largest processors. You can grow your customer base by taking a wide variety of payment methods.

Payments can be processed using Credit & Debit with Canadian Pin & Chip, NFC Touchless Tap & Pay, Apple Pay, no transaction fee self-hosted gift cards, and even third-party gift cards.

At the press of a finger, customers can access an associated account with Secure OneTouch™. They can instantly make payments without cards or cash, collect points for loyalty, and apply e-coupons and in-store discounts in real-time.

Gift CardSelf-Hosted Gift Cards

Catapult’s self-hosted gift card program is perfect for independent Organic Food merchants who want to own their gift card data and not have to rely on 3rd party services or pay transaction and service fees. Catapult’s gift card service provides powerful features like barcoded gift cards, balance look up, reload, and even automatically forcing refunds to gift cards.

When merchants utilize Catapult’s WebCart Online Ordering System, they have access to Catapult eGift, enabling them to sell Virtual Gift Cards 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in an environmentally friendly way without ever incurring the cost of plastic or causing that waste to be disposed of in our environment. Now that’s sustainable!

Loyalty Points

Local Natural and Organic Food merchants want to know who their customers are, and maintain a close personal relationship with their customers and their community. Catapult’s built-in Customer Tracking capability provides virtually unlimited possibilities for tracking customers and their family members. Catapult’s Loyalty Points program integrates directly with the customer tracking system and provides their customers with an incentive to come back again and again, enabling merchants to better compete with larger stores addicted to discounting.

LoyaltyBot provides Natural Grocers the capability to automate much of their marketing efforts sending automated emails based on preset customer criteria. Those emails can notify customers of new products, special events, and provide special incentives in the form of Digital eCoupons.

Catapult Inventory Handheld Terminal (HHT)On-The-Floor Inventory Adjustments & Label Printing

While you’re on the floor, you can easily print easy to read, high contrast shelf labels using the Catapult Inventory Handheld Terminal (HHT) and a portable label printer. Now store associates can print shelf labels on-the-fly from anywhere in the store!

Price adjustments, purchasing, receiving, and even physical inventory can also be done using the HHT, making item management in your Natural Food Store easier, and without the need to repeatedly travel from floor-to-office-and-back again which improves efficiency and reduces administration overhead.

Natural Food Store Features At-a-Glance:

  • Fast, friction-free transactions
  • Easy-to-use POS interface
  • Many ways to pay
  • POS Scale integration
  • Scale Label Printer integration
  • Inventory management tools
  • CRM, loyalty, gift cards, and coupons
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Back office functions
  • Optional Export to General Ledger