Pet Stores

Pet Stores

Pet Stores and Pet Services are some of the fastest growing businesses today – and some of the most competitive. So you need a POS that will help you grow at the same pace as the industry while helping you manage those input costs. Catapult is a retail enterprise automation solution that includes point-of-sale, back office and many other features that enhance the customer experience and business processes. The system’s powerful inventory tracking greatly reduces labour overhead while providing greater control over inventory movement. An optional Customer Billboard delivers dynamic promotional content in the checkout lines while real time back-office reporting enables centralized promotion management, improving inventory turns. Catapult’s centralized multi-store management, back-office reporting and analytics ensure that your enterprise data is up-to-the-second and accurate.

Customer Tracking

Man looks at Shelf Labels in a Pet Store


Who knows you better than your beloved pet? Your pet store retailer that’s who! With Catapult customer tracking merchants can keep track of who’s in their store, how much they purchase, and what they purchase – providing valuable customer services such as reminding customers what brand of dog food they bought last month!

Tracking customers with Catapult is easy. Simply lookup or scan a customer’s frequent shopper card at any time during the sale and Catapult does the rest. Use BasketHub customer app and they can scan their cellphones instead! Detailed information on your best customers, including the exact profitability for each, is part of the system’s standard reporting. Historical purchases by customers are also available at the point of sale to any user with the appropriate security level.


Pets are loyal to their owners, and pet owners tend to be loyal to their favorite pet supply store! Rewarding customers for that loyalty is a winning strategy for success in Pet retail, and Catapult POS has the customer tracking and loyalty features you need.

Online Ordering Made Easy

With Catapult, click and collect online ordering couldn’t be easier. Using Catapult’s unified data logic, WebCart makes all of your brick-and-mortar pet store products available in your virtual checkout without having to manage inventory separately. Customers can pay online or when they pick up in-store. Discounts, coupons, and loyalty are all tied into the online system, and transactions are seamlessly managed and tracked in Catapult just like you have an additional cash register.

Integrated Payments on Catapult POSIntegrated Payments

Catapult can increase speed and efficiency at the POS while reducing shrinkage and labour by integrating your credit and debit processing with high-speed credit and debit authorization. No need for nightly reconciliation of payment types and credit card batching is automatic which significantly reduces labour at the end of day. Integrated credit and debit authorization is also more accurate because it eliminates the potential for error from manual entry of sales totals into a separate credit and debit machine. Integrated credit and debit also connect the pet stores transaction with the authorization without retaining credit card data, making transaction audits easier and reduces the possibility for fraud or theft. Catapult’s integrated credit and debit utilizes high-speed internet reducing credit card authorization times to 2-3 seconds, shortening transaction times and increasing peak customer flow at the POS.

Toshiba B-FV4D Shelf Label PrinterShelf Labels & Product Signs

Professional labels and signs in your pet store can make a dramatic difference to your customers perception of your brand and help drive sales. Catapult’s label and sign printing software is built-in and comes with Catapult, so getting this working is a snap. Options such as design and distribution allow you to make the labels and signs that most closely match your requirements. Tight integration with the world’s best bar code printers only makes this great solution even better.

Merchant does Pet Store inventoryInventory & Automatic Re-ordering

Maintaining the stock on dozens of cat litter or dog food brands can be a daunting task for any pet store. Catapult POS maintains your inventory by assisting you with your management processes through an ingenious worksheet system which interfaces with an inventory handheld to make tasks less labour intensive. Take your inventory management to the next level and set routine items to automatically reorder based on demand and a variety of other metrics – Catapult helps pet supply and pet services merchants manage their inventory.

ReportingCatapult Reports

Catapult point of sale generates up-to-the-second reports for every area of your pet business, separating grooming services from product sales, including inventory levels, current sales, and historic sales. Users can immediately determine what quantities are on hand, on order, and sold, as well as ascertain costs, profits, and all data critical for staying competitive and profitable. Catapult identifies which products are selling and how well your pet stores are performing. Users can analyze net margins for any number of parameters, including by item, by brand, or by supplier. Catapult will report which items are wasting precious space, as well as which are flying off the shelves, so that you can make informed and confident business decisions.