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Armagh POS Solutions specializes in Heartland retail software for retail point of sale systems in the Guelph area. We provide retail POS solutions for businesses of all sizes. Contact us today to speak to a retail POS systems consultant.

Cloud Retail POS

Heartland Retail Software is a cloud point of sale suite designed to run on any of the popular operating systems – Microsoft Windows, Google Android, or Apple iOS. Because it runs on cloud technology, the software is always up to date, eliminating the need for onsite servers and other proprietary hardware. For those switching from another POS system, there is a good chance you’ll be able to run Heartland Retail POS on your existing hardware. Give us a call today and we’ll help you navigate the challenges.

Heartland Retail Software was designed for soft good industries such as Clothing and Apparel, Jewelry, Shoe Stores, Gift Shops, Furniture and Decor, Museum and Gallery Shops, and a variety of other similar environments.


Cloud software Retail Point of Sale System
Heartland Retail Software POS Screen

Order Management

Customers expect a seamless shopping experience, so give them one! Access inventory data in real time and place orders across all stores, warehouses or online — giving proper credit where it is due. Streamline your management process, ship and fulfill easily with our alerts widget and create special orders when customers are ready to buy.

The Heartland Retail point of sale experience at the cash register is clean and professional, showcasing the important transaction information and intuitively leading the cashier through the transaction. Pictures from your inventory tracking and online ordering are pulled into the transaction to more easily identify items on the order and customers have their choice of emailed or printed receipts.



Inventory Management

Get the right tools to manage your inventory more efficiently, all while helping to boost your margin and sell-through rate. Create custom fields to track inventory in any way imaginable, then build inventory reports that help you balance your stock across all channels. No more dead or depleted inventory, which ultimately means happy customers!

Help stores keep on top of their inventory with partial and full inventory counts, then review variances for errors or shrinkage, making adjustments when necessary while tracking the proper reason codes for later analysis. When inventory can be better allocated, move it to where they need it with convenient inventory transfers. Once it reaches the store, organize stock rooms and warehouses with bin locations updated on mobile devices used anywhere you need them.





Heartland Retail Inventory
Customer Dashboard

Customer Management

Heartland Retail Software helps you build your retail business one relationship at a time with built-in customer management tools. Add any custom field you want to your customer profile, from “favorite colour” to “kids’ names,” and use that data to deliver exceptional personalized experiences. With rich data collected and captured on each transaction, your customer dashboard will tell the story you need to engage personally, giving every customer a reason to share the love.

For those looking to up their game, Heartland Retail Software supports integrations with an Open API and has existing interfaces to many top loyalty and marketing platforms.



Purchasing & Receiving

Land the right products, at the right time, for the right price. Build custom reports that allow you to analyze each item’s journey from order through sale, before you even begin buying. Armed with mobile data, meet vendors with the insight to negotiate strategically. Create purchase orders on the fly, saving time and money, and once the items arrive, get them to the stores efficiently with receiving tools designed to root out errors. When adjustments need to be made, track them with custom reason codes and easily process vendor returns.

For items with a variety of colours, styles, and sizes, the combinations and permutations can be daunting. With Heartland Retail POS, the Size & Colour Matrix built into the Heartland Retail POS inventory management system makes seasonal product runs a snap.

For those retailers looking for wholesale integrations, Heartland Retail POS supports integrations with Joor and NuOrder using their Open API.


Purchasing Size Colour Matrix
Clothing Tags

Barcode Labels & Clothing Tags

Pricing accuracy is important, and clear and easy to read labels and clothing tags are part of the transparency of information provided for your customers. Heartland knows how important this is which is why label printing comes standard with the software.



Reporting & Metrics

Make better business business decisions in less time with data-driven insight, brought to you by the Heartland Retail POS custom reporting engine.

Easily see at a glance key metrics on your top performing items, sales today vs last year, total margin, average spend, number of customers, and your total returns.

Easily switch between store locations, profitability, trends and alerts all from one convenient sales dashboard screen.

Because the data is being tracked using the Heartland Retail POS cloud, the data is real time and up to date so your information is actionable when you need it where you need it, reporting any where, any time.



Heartland Retail POS Sales Report Dashboard
Heartland Retail POS Payments

Integrated Payments

Payments are where the rubber meets the road, so they should be fast and easy, and reporting should be real time and accurate. Heartland Retail POS offers Canadian integrated credit and debit with tap & pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Gift Card, and a variety of other options. Simply put, interfacing payments is one of the easiest ways to reduce errors, discourage theft, simplify cashouts and minimize the burden on administration.