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Armagh offers point-of-sale systems for beer wine liquor stores in the Burlington area. Contact us about beer wine liquor POS systems. Our consultants can help with a beer wine liquor POS solution for your needs.

Beer Wine Liquor Store

Beer, Wine & Liquor Store POS

The Catapult Retail Point of Sale Suite was designed with beer, wine, and liquor store merchants in mind. Catapult POS is feature rich and designed for the most demanding retail environments, running transactions through the checkout lane quickly and efficiently. Combine our powerful inventory and workflow automation system with it’s powerful reporting and analytics tools, and Catapult POS provides the control required to enable any liquor, beer, and wine retailers to improve efficiencies and profits.

Liquor By The Case Mix & Match

Single, Six Pack, Case and Mix & Match

The beverage business has a lot of variety, and POS for liquor, wine, and beer retailers should be able to manage all the variety that a merchant can offer. Is the individual bottle cost different than if the customer buys a whole case? Do you offer mix and match case pricing? Do you offer a six pack for one price? Using Catapult Point-Of-Sale, you can track your liquor items by the bottle, the case, or the six pack with ease. In fact, Catapult’s promotion and discount system can manage just about any product and pricing arrangement you can imagine, and more.



Inventory is where the rubber meets the road in any liquor store POS system, and the Catapult retail point of sale will be the superior solution for even the most difficult liquor, wine, and beer store businesses. Catapult’s inventory handheld terminal (HHT) provides the mobile inventory capability that liquor, beer, and wine retailers with a lot of SKUs require – allowing you to count cases or bottles whether on the fly on the store floor or out on the warehouse loading dock.

  • Catapult Mobile Handheld Terminal (HHT) Feature Highlights
  • Liquor Store POS InventoryInventory Adjustments
  • Inventory Transfers
  • Receiving with or without a Purchase Order
  • Physical Inventory Counts
  • Purchase Orders with 5 ways to Automatic Reorder
  • Price Checks
  • Price Changes

After doing a price change out on the floor, you can even print an easy to read high quality shelf label right there on the store floor with a portable label printer. Now that’s efficient retail!

Integrated Payments

Credit & Debit IntegrationLiquor Store POS Payments

The number of cash transactions becomes less and less each year – therefore integrating your credit and debit into your liquor POS is important. In the high-volume liquor retail business, the merchant needs a robust point of sale that can handle transactions quickly and accurately. With the integrated payments module, merchants running Catapult liquor store POS can ensure that credit and debit transactions are easier to reconcile, more accurately collected, and cashier fraud and theft is reduced to a minimum.

Easily accept pin and chip EMV, Tap, Swipe, and NFC cellphone payments such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, with Catapult POS. Don’t get locked into a single processor! Catapult has a variety of PCI Compliant Canadian credit and debit card processors to choose from, and have it securely installed by one of our QIR Certified Technicians.

Gift Card Integration

Gift card functionality is a required feature of any liquor, beer, and wine store POS systems. What’s more common than a gift of liquor, beer, or wine on just about any holiday or birthday?

Catapult POS has a self-hosted gift card system allowing cashiers to easily sell a gift card for any amount as part of a regular transaction at the point of sale. Catapult gift cards can be reloaded and reused, and refunds can be forced to gift card as a general policy if the retailer prefers. Third-party gift card integrations are also available.

Age Verification

The requirement to follow the Provincial laws on alcohol sales is a duty incumbent on every liquor, beer, and wine retailer. Catapult POS provides quick and easy age verification and Canadian ID scanning that enables the merchant to easily confirm that the ID format is correct, and the age of the purchaser is 19 or over. When used correctly by the liquor retailer, Catapult POS’ age verification system can avoid fines and penalties. This procedure gets logged in the Catapult POS database, showing the type of ID and age of the customer, so that if the merchant’s procedures are ever audited, proof of age verification and that it was in fact checked, can be readily provided.

Liquor Store POS Shelf Labels

Shelf Labels

Liquor store merchants can have tens of thousands of beer, wine, and liquor SKUs and prices change regularly. All the bar-code, description, category, and pricing information is in your Catapult liquor POS system – why not leverage all that hard work? Catapult makes shelf labeling and shelf signage a breeze with built-in sign, product sticker, and shelf label printing software. The ability to print labels and signs is available throughout the Catapult POS software, from workflow procedures and inventory screens, just about anywhere you would need to print them.


Digital Shelf Labels

For those liquor, beer, and wine retailers that want to fully automate their shelf-labeling and signage, Catapult interfaces to electronic shelf labels that update prices seamlessly as you do your regular maintenance in Catapult! Never again will someone forget to change the shelf label after a price change, or have to suffer through the complaint about the inconsistency of prices between the shelf labels and the POS system. Talk about Unified Transaction Logic!


Good loyal customers are hard to earn – but once you have one, you never want to lose them! That’s why the Catapult customer loyalty and marketing system is important to beer, wine, and liquor store operators. Collect contact details, track purchase history, and reward loyalty with points based on their purchases, all through Catapult with no need for another 3rd party product.

Catapult’s LoyaltyBot® allows liquor and spirit store merchants to setup email campaigns with rewards and coupons that trigger automatically based on criteria collected by the POS system. With Catapult POS, liquor stores don’t even need a 3rd party email blast product. When we said this was a complete retail management suite, we meant it!

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