POS Scale System

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Armagh POS Solutions specializes in adding POS scale systems in the Niagara Falls area. We provide point-of-sale scale solutions for businesses of all sizes. Contact us today to speak to a digital scale solution for POS consultant. 

Redefining Retail Scale Technology

Scale technology has been suspended in time… but that’s about to change. Retail’s first unified scale solution has arrived. Designed around the simple concept of a friction-free transaction experience, the AutoScale 100 is a leap forward into the future of retail. Embracing the efficiency of enterprise automation, it works seamlessly with every other transaction touchpoint in your store.

Easy to Install & Even Easier to Own

AutoScale 100 communicates with Catapult® Retail Software Suite’s back office system, right out of the box. Completely unified with the grocery POS system, Catapult® is the engine that drives AutoScale 100. It is easily managed through Catapult’s WebOffice. Say goodbye to expensive and difficult to manage 3rd party middleware software.

Autoscale 100 Touch Screen Scale - Front

Up-to-Date Pricing in an Instant

Price updates happen instantly. AutoScale 100 can be thought of as another transactional touchpoint in Catapult POS. When you update prices in Catapult, these prices are automatically communicated to the AutoScale 100. No more waiting for product information in batch files. No more waiting for two systems to synchronize. No more headaches for your customers. When you upgrade to the future of retail scale technology, it works seamlessly with the point of sale.

Designed for Every Scale Application

AutoScale 100 can be configured to work wherever your store needs it, whether at the deli counter or as a self-service scale in the bulk foods section. It can be configured for operations to be carried out by either staff or customers.

Autoscale 100 Touch Screen Scale - Rear

Intuitive Interface

AutoScale 100’s easy-to-use interface will effortlessly guide users through the weighted item menus, optimizing the experience.

At-a-Glance Features

  • Plug & Play Go Live – it works with Catapult WebOffice, right out of the box.
  • Can be operated by customers or staff.
  • Simplifies support.
  • Covered under your Armagh Support and Upgrade agreement.
  • Works with single or multi-store, with single or multiple scales.
  • Wireless or wired ethernet communications available.
  • Centralized HQ or store-level item maintenance.
  • Manage all scale settings from HQ via WebOffice.
  • No third party scale integration software needed.
  • Bidirectional data replication between HQ and the Stores
  • GS1 Barcode Support
  • Self-Service Scale Mode

Autoscale 100 Touch Screen Scale - Side

The Industry Demanded It, We Delivered.

More and more families are choosing to eat healthier. More are choosing prepared foods or dining at home, instead of dining out. Retailers have embraced this shift and have sought a better way to deliver the fresh products people demand with simplicity.

With AutoScale 100, simplicity comes naturally. The plug-and-play nature of Catapult means that the AutoScale 100 is native to the point of sale. As soon as it’s activated, all pricing and label information in your POS automatically extends to your scale. Retailers can rest assured their stores have up-to-date information at every touchpoint.

AutoScale isn’t just a Catapult building block, it’s changing the way retailers use scale technology.