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Armagh POS Solutions specializes in adding restaurant point of sale systems in the Oakville area. We provide restaurant POS solutions for businesses of all sizes. Contact us today to speak to a restaurant POS systems consultant.

Global Restaurant POS

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Powerful. Scalable. Incredible.

From online to the prep line, Global Restaurant POS can streamline your entire business with one unified cloud solution to keep your customers coming back.

Global Restaurant POS leverages the power of the cloud as well as the convenience and simplicity of touch screen tablet hardware to create a point of sale system for a wide variety of restaurant environments.

Point of sale software should provide a substantial return on your investment. Let us show you how Global Restaurant POS can increase your restaurant’s profitability with minimum upfront expenses and a simple monthly fee.

Whether your establishment is counter service, table service, bar, or a mixture of all three, Global Restaurant Point of Sale can provide a cloud restaurant management solution.

Point of Sale IconPoint of Sale

The Global Restaurant Point of Sale App is loaded with the features and functionality you need for any restaurant service environment – fast food, quick service, counter service, table service, bar, nightclub, entertainment venues, hotel and resort, and much more. Simply put, few cloud restaurant point of sale systems have as much under the hood as Global Restaurant. We dare you to compare!

Self-Service Kiosk IconSelf-Service Kiosk

Let your customers serve themselves! Global Restaurant Point of Sale has a complete self-service kiosk app that up-sells your guests while freeing up your staff. Take contactless payments and gift card at the kiosk, or pay at the cashier! Whatever service model you’re trying to build, Global Restaurant has you covered!

Online Ordering IconOnline Ordering

Ordering online is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. Global Restaurant provides a full featured online ordering platform for restaurant owners with one restaurant or 100! Desktop or mobile friendly, our fully integrated online order system handles carryout, delivery, curbside, and even catering! Items ordered online are printed or displayed in the kitchen on the same printer or kitchen video that your chef is used to, and the sale is processed and managed directly through the Global Point of Sale iPad app.

Guest App IconGuest App

Once you have earned a customer – you want to retain them! Keep them connected using the Global Restaurant Point of Sale Guest App! Once downloaded from the Apple App or Google Play stores, Guests will be able to join, earn, and track Loyalty Promotions, find your restaurant, see previous orders, connect a credit card and Scan to Pay. They will even be able to order from you directly using your very own “Skip The Line” app! It’s all the features of a national restaurant chain but available to restaurants of any size that use Global Restaurant Point of Sale.

Gift & Loyalty IconGift & Loyalty

Repeat customers are the gifts that keep on giving! Global Restaurant Point of Sale enables the restaurant to offer their own cloud enabled gift card program. Restaurants can also provide e-gift – virtual electronic gift cards – that can be purchased using the Global Restaurant Online Ordering system. With the built-in Loyalty program, restaurants can reward their best customers with tiered promotions using either monetary or product-based incentives. Your guests can sign up, track, and manage their Loyalty promotions using the Global Restaurant Guest App. Of course, both Gift Cards and Loyalty Promotions are all compatible across the entire Omni-Channel Global Restaurant Point of Sale platform – POS, Handheld POS, Self-Service Kiosk, Online Ordering, and Skip the Line. Now that’s full featured!

Global Restaurant POS has Built-In Features that Save You Money

Global Restaurant POS Benefits

Turn Tables Faster
Guests order and pay in a flash for an enhanced dining experience.

Skip the Line
Customers order ahead and scan to pay for speedy checkout.

Sync Servers and Kitchen
Meals can be personalized and communicated in real time.

Accurately Track & Deliver Orders
Meals are hot, fresh and on time – from table-side to pickup to delivery.

Manage Activities from Anywhere
Access menus, system configuration and sales from any web browser.