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Armagh POS Solutions is your trusted local provider of Point of Sale systems for grocery stores in the Brampton area. When you partner with us, you’ll get a grocery POS system that provides seamless management across a range of departments, and reduces complexity while improving customer service and engagement.  Contact us today to speak to a Grocery POS systems consultant.

POS For GroceryCatapult Point of Sale is designed with grocery in mind.

In this day and age, POS for grocery stores needs to do more than just ring up transactions. It needs to provide seamless management across a range of departments, including but not limited to bakery, deli, prepared foods, and a variety of other areas. It needs to reduce friction and IT complexity while improving customer service and customer engagement. Catapult’s Point of Sale for grocery stores has an incredible list of features designed specifically with the grocer in mind. Below are just a few of the features we think grocery merchants need to consider when selecting a POS software for their store.

Grocery Shelf Labels

Shelf Labels & Shelf Signs

Professional labeling and signage is critical for operations to look organized and professional, and Catapult Grocery POS has the software built right in at no additional cost! Whether you’re looking to print shelf labels, shelf talkers, produce or end cap signage, Catapult has the capability to print these by leveraging the accurate item data stored in the Catapult grocery database so that your staff gets it right every time. Shelf labels and signage can be created in a variety of formats and colours, and printing can be done on almost any type of printer, on almost any type of media stock – paper, vinyl, plastic, etc.

For those grocery merchants looking for shelf labels and signage that is completely automated, check out the Electronic Shelf Labels that can be interfaced to Catapult!

Catapult Inventory Handheld Terminal HHT - Zebra TC20Inventory Handheld Terminal (HHT)

The footprint of most grocery stores is far too large to be running around managing the inventory data. The Catapult Handheld Terminal (HHT) App gives grocery staff the freedom to wirelessly update their inventory data in real time from anywhere in the store. This powerful app allows you to receive and handle inventory, update prices and inventory records, manage worksheets, apply discounts, change and print shelf labels.

WebCart Grocery eCommerce Click and CollectWebCart Online Ordering

Being able to offer your grocery customers the ability to shop at your store at any time and any place they want is simply the table stakes required to compete in the industry now. Catapult is one of the few POS systems that has fully featured click and collect online ordering for grocery that is completely seamless, runs on the same data platform, and doesn’t require a 3rd party silo or software interfaces with all the IT overhead and complexity that that entails.

Catapult Grocery Self-CheckoutSelf-Checkout & Self-Service Kiosk

Catapult’s autonomous self-service software has been a component available for Catapult for many years. Self-Checkout is available in a variety of cabinet configurations, to support traditional front-end store installations or within specific departments, such as prepared foods, beverage stands, bakery, or deli.

Scale ManagementScale Management

Catapult Grocery POS has another first to market with Autoscale, the seamlessly integrated scale label printer. With today’s margins in grocery, you can’t afford to have errors in programming between the scales and the POS. Catapult solves this challenge by leveraging the unified data within the POS system to provide accurate pricing, commodity information, ingredients, preparation instructions, and anything else required for scale printer labeling.

It’s important to understand, Catapult isn’t interfaced to Autoscale – Autoscale is a part of Catapult. In other words, Autoscale is just another seamless part of the Catapult Retail Automation System, leveraging the unified data your staff already know how to maintain.

Star Kitchen PrinterRemote Preparation Printing

These days, many grocery stores offer prepared foods as part of their value added services. Coffee stands, sandwiches, sushi, and hot foods, are just some of the examples of prepared food we have seen. Catapult’s touch screen interface enables merchants to easily program their full hospitality menus for quick service over the counter selling. Want your sandwich toasted with mayo, mustard, and extra cheese? No problem. Catapult can manage the modifiers, charge for the extras, and even print the order at a remote prep station to ensure that the items ordered meet the standards expected. Now that’s service!

Secure OneTouch Fingerprint Security For Catapult POSIntegrated Payments

In grocery, payments should be fast, seamless, improve efficiency, reduce fraud and theft, and eliminate the need for micromanagement. With Catapult there are many ways to pay, including integrated credit and debit, pin & chip, tap & pay, NFC, integrated payments for online ordering, gift card, and even eGift. With a variety of pinpads and processors, merchants are never locked into a single processor when using Catapult.

For stores needing higher security on house charges or employee purchases, Catapult also offers payments that include a biometrics fingerprint component which ensure the highest security for that transaction available in retail today.

Catapult is a PCI compliant software with the Payment Card Industry Standards Council and is listed as a validated payment application. Armagh POS Solutions ensures that all of it’s technicians are PCI trained to provide a qualified installation for the merchant.