Supplier Gateway

Supply Chain Automation For Independent Retailers

The Supplier Gateway empowers independent retailers with the technology to drive the same supply chain efficiencies that until now only the retail giants have been able to achieve. The Supplier Gatway is a unique middleware application that facilitates automatic electronic data interchange (EDI) between retailers and suppliers for POs, PO Acknowledgments, Shipping Notices, Vendor Catalog Updates, Invoicing, and Promotions.

Point of Sale: The Starting Gate for Supply Chain Data

Supply Chain Automation begins at the checkout lines at the local store level where point of sale (POS) transaction data is transmitted to the Catapult store database. Catapult’s Sales and Inventory Analytics and Forecasting Engine work together to produce optimum suggested orders based on pre-configured parameters for item movement, safety stock, item promotions, calculated vendor lead time, zero stockout detection, and seasonal factors. Using Catapult’s powerful optimized data, the Forecasting Engine objectively determines ideal order quantities for tens of thousands of items in a matter of seconds. All auto-generated orders can be verified and modified before submitting, which allows store operators to fine-tune orders before sending them out the door. With Catapult’s mobile WebCAT module, users can view and edit auto-generated orders while walking the floor with a hand held terminal (HHT).

The Supplier Gateway Retail Store Client

As a powerful middleware application residing inside a Linux-based Catapult Appliance Server, the Supplier Gateway Store Client constantly monitors both the Catapult store database and the Remote Data Broker and synchronizes these two entities in real time. When an auto-generated order has been verified and sent, the Store Client facilitates the data integration and exchange services between the Catapult store system and the Suppliers.

Email Notifications & Supplier Catalog Updates

By way of automated email notifications, the Supplier Gateway Store Client keeps store operators current on the situational awareness of the retail supply chain, by updating them on the progress of all aspects in the supply chain, including PO Acknowledgments, Invoices, and Shipping Acknowledgments. The Store Client also hosts current Supplier Catalog databases, which are updated automatically to reflect new items, cost/retail price changes, and current promotions. A Supplier Gateway Store Client can store a virtually unlimited number of Supplier Catalogs so that retailers can leverage the Supplier Gateway to automate orders with as many suppliers as needed.

Supplier Gateway Features

  • Supplier Cost Verification
  • Supplier Price Updates
  • Electronic Purchase Order Submission
  • Electronic Purchase Order Receiving
  • Supplier Deal Tracking
  • Electronic Promotional Content Distribution

Supplier Gateway Benefits

  • Tight Integration with Suppliers
  • Increase Inventory Turns
  • Optimize On-Shelf Inventory Levels
  • Avoid Out-of-Stock Scenarios
  • Automatic Replenishment Based off Sold or On-Hand
  • Automatic Fulfillment Based off Supplier Ship Data
  • Re-Deploy Staff to Customer Service Roles
  • Increase Overall Efficiency
  • Reduce Overhead Labor Associated with Ordering & Receiving

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