Our philosophy at Armagh is that well-trained customers are satisfied customers. In order to get the most out of your POS system, you require the training and expertise to manage and maintain it. Armagh has a variety of resources available to our customers to assist you in learning your Point-Of-Sale System, and keep you on top of it.

Extended Warranty

Protect your investment! Receive priority 24/7 onsite service and budget your hardware repairs and maintenance costs by purchasing an extended warranty on your Point-Of-Sale System.

Software Support

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers! Receive priority 24/7 call-backs, online video training, and remote support services to assist you and your staff manage your Point-Of-Sale Software all provided by our professional help desk.

Monthly Maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance of your point-of-sale system protects your investment, avoids wasting the valuable time of your staff and managers, and keeps your system running at maximum speed and efficiency. Armagh now offers a variety of regularly scheduled monthly services to Armagh POS customers.


Implementing a new Point-Of-Sale System can be an intimidating task. There are many variables that come into play which may seem a bit overwhelming to people who want to concentrate on their business. Here at Armagh we realize that our clients want the easiest POS solution with the best overall value. Our consultants will help you decide what you need to run your operation smoothly. We will discuss technology needs, available resources, configurations, situational logistics, and anything else that might factor into the equation, including compatibility and support. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about our consulting services or business solutions.

Payment Processing

Integrated credit & debit payment processing is available on the Catapult Retail POS System, Digital Dining Restaurant POS, and cash registers like the Casio TE-2200 and Casio TE-2400. We also can offer separate payment services for those who would like a mobile or stand-alone solution.


Armagh has always offered flexible leasing options for our clients. This gives your new Point-Of-Sale System the chance to start making profits for you right away without hitting your cash flow. Our flexible leasing options can have variable payment terms that match your payments to predetermined budget allotments or seasonal variations. Leases are available with step-up schedules, step-down schedules, or other creative structures that meet specific challenges.