iPad POS Adds Spice to Thai Restaurant

Gift cards, frequent dining and iPad POS functionality now on the menu

Siam Dish Digital Dining iPad POSWhen Ti Wisesputi launched an expansion of his Siam Dish restaurant concept, his authentic Thai cuisine will be served up via Digital Dining. When Ti discovered that he could that same software as an iPad POS system anywhere in his restaurant, he was delighted.

The POS system he purchased from Armagh for the opening of a second location in Hamilton last year has all the features he was seeking, plus many he didn’t even know existed. “Armagh showed me how they could put the restaurant POS system on an iPad, and we can use it anywhere in the restaurant – upstairs, and even outside on the patio when we open that,” says Ti.

“It’s like a portable handheld unit only much better, because it has all the capabilities of an iPad. We can load the whole menu on there, and we can even have pictures to show the customers what each item looks like.”

Ti says he has been impressed by both the power of the system, and the service support he receives from the Armagh team. “The support is phenomenal. If I call, they answer right away and deal with the issue immediately.”

He and his partner first met the Armagh team at a tradeshow three years ago. “I was very impressed by what the software could do. It had a lot of features that we couldn’t find in other POS systems. When we decided to open our second restaurant in Hamilton, I remembered that and went to talk to them.”

Siam Dish Thai RestaurantWhat really impressed him was the Gift Card and frequent dining functions, as well as the ‘fingerprint’ log-in process for employees. “You can put any dollar amount on the Gift card, and it is reloadable so you don’t have to issue a new card when the gift amount has been redeemed,” says Ti.

The frequent dining function, he notes, is something that can set the Siam Dish apart from its competitors. “The system tracks and shows you how much a customer spends in the restaurant,” says Ti, adding that it can be set up to automatically reward customers when they reach certain spending levels.

His system includes two POS stations – one on the ground floor as well as one in the second-floor dining area, where they use a mobile iPad POS.

Siam Dish has enjoyed success at both its Burlington and new Hamilton location because of the focus on fresh, says Ti. Everything in the restaurant is prepared from scratch, using recipes from his mother-in-law. “It is truly authentic Thai, we make all our own sauces and curries. Nothing comes out of a can. And we buy as much local food as we can.”

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