City Market Self-Service Kiosk POS With Loyalty Markets

Armagh helps Ontario company provide Self-Service Kiosk POS for “Lunchrooms Of The Future”

City Market Self-Service Kiosk POS at Canadian TireLoyalty Markets’, “lunchroom of the future”, got a huge push forward by Armagh’s self-service kiosk POS called, City Market, after founder Richard Zinck remembered Armagh POS Solutions had solved his lunch-truck sales control issues more than a decade earlier.

Richard had since evolved his business from lunch trucks to modern self-serve food marts that were transforming lunchrooms and cafeterias at a number of Ontario workplaces. Almost immediately the complaints began pouring in about issues with their self-service point-of-sale system.

“I was getting more than 300 emails a day,” says Richard, noting problems included people not getting credit for payments, and overcharges including $6,000 for a sandwich that was allocated to a company president’s payroll account.

“We were getting ready to launch a new lunchroom program for Canadian Tire in Mississauga, and I didn’t want the same problems. Then I remembered Armagh, and asked them to have a look.”

Armagh recommended its ECRS Catapult solution, with an animated self-service kiosk POS that makes it easy for employees to purchase the wide range of products provided by Loyalty Markets.

“The Catapult system is fast, has a friendly interface with voice interaction, and customers like using it,” says Larry Wolfe, Armagh’s retail specialist who has been delivering POS solutions to leading retailers for more than 26 years.Loyalty Markets Logo

“For companies like Loyalty Markets, it delivers the back office reporting they need to manage sales in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. It tells them which products are popular, and which ones aren’t which makes it easier to stock properly.”

The system allows a number of payment methods once employees are registered, including the convenience of payroll deduction. Once fully deployed, Catapult will even enable automatic ordering to ensure self-serve shelves are always stocked.

For Richard Zinck, the solution means he can continue growing the business.

City Market Self-Service Kiosk POS at Canadian Tire“We have 30 more installations waiting to go, but I didn’t have the confidence to move forward without the solution that Armagh has delivered,” he adds. “It was amazing. They came in, installed the system and it worked. Catapult is night and day compared to other systems out there – it just works!”

You may download the pdf version of the City Market Self-Service Kiosk Testimonial here.

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