Casio TE-2200 Cash Register

The Casio TE-2200 cash register is a general purpose machine designed to satisfy a wide variety of retail stores and food service businesses. In addition to hundreds of standard features, the Casio TE-2200 can handle penny rounding and has an optional credit and debit interface for Canada.

Penny Rounding

The built-in penny rounding feature in the Casio TE-2200 cash register is perfect for the Canadian marketplace. It will automatically round off the change due in all cash transactions, while non-cash and electronic transactions do not. The Casio TE-2200 also comes equipped with a penny rounding report informing the merchant of the penny rounding net total.

Integrated Credit And Debit

One fantastic optional feature available for the Casio TE-2200 cash register is integrated credit & debit with Canadian partner Global Payment Systems. It is equipped with pin and chip capability, dial backup, and can function even if technical difficulties are experienced with the cash register. The integrated credit & debit option provides the kind of control you would expect on more expensive software POS systems.

Easy To Read User Display

The Casio TE-2200 cash register has an easy to read user display using high quality Casio LED technology. The user display is multi-line and has an adjustable contrast so you can maximize readability, even in difficult lighting conditions. In addition to the operator display is an 8 character numeric LED rear customer display.

Fast Receipts

The receipt and journal printer on the Casio TE-2200 cash register carries a 58 mm roll and offers high speed printing at a rate of 14 lines per second. It also has a graphic capability enabling the merchant to print their logo at the top of every receipt. The TE-2200’s paper loading system is “drop and load” making paper roll changes easier than ever before.

Canada Friendly Cash Drawer

The cash drawer on the Casio TE-2200 has 5 bill slots and 5 coin slots providing plenty of space for two dollar and one dollar coins. The Casio TE-2200 cash register also has a bill slot in the front of the cash drawer, so that non-cash tenders such as coupons, cheques, credit and debit slips can be deposited into the drawer without opening the drawer, offering additional security.

Optional Accessories

The Casio TE-2200 cash register offers a variety of expandability options. Two interfaces are available for connecting external devices such as barcode scanners, external printers, slip printers, and credit and debit payment pinpads.