National Grocers Association Endorses RSPA Certification Program

RSPAAugust 7, 2012 – Charlotte, NC – As part of the newly formed collaboration program, the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA), the only association dedicated to the retail POS technology industry and the center for industry education, recently announced the National Grocers Association’s (NGA) endorsement of the RSPA Certification Program.

“RSPA’s Certification Program educates professionals in retail technology. We all know that technology is constantly evolving in our industry and knowing that there are certified, reputable professionals who can accommodate those needs encourages business owners to make that transition,” stated NGA President and CEO Peter J. Larkin.

In addition to this endorsement, RSPA and NGA have entered into an active partnership creating the ability for both associations to better serve their respective members through collaborative advocacy and education programs. The RSPA and NGA hope this partnership will also benefit the industry overall with these enhanced benefits and offerings by sharing resources and expertise.

“Many RSPA members have a long history of serving the Grocery Industry so it’s a natural fit for RSPA to establish an alliance with the NGA and bring together retail technology providers and the users of retail technology. The RSPA and NGA will work together on education, best practices and industry affairs. We look forward to the positive benefits this alliance will bring to our respective memberships,” said Joseph Finizio, RSPA President & CEO.

Along with their official endorsement of the RSPA Certification program, NGA will actively encourage their members to work with a certified reseller. This endorsement comes less than a year after the National Restaurant Association announced their endorsement of the RSPA RSPA CertifiedCertification Program.

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The Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA) is the only association dedicated to the retail technology industry. RSPA members include resellers, hardware manufacturers, software developers, consultants, finance companies, and distributors bringing retail technology products and/or services to the marketplace. The RSPA provides education, certification, industry advocacy, benefits and information that assists members and customers with becoming and remaining successful. For more information about RSPA please visit:

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The National Grocers Association: N.G.A. is the national trade association representing the retail and wholesale grocers that comprise the independent sector of the food distribution industry. An independent retailer is a privately owned or controlled food retail company operating a variety of formats. Most independent operators are serviced by wholesale distributors, while others may be partially or fully self-distributing. Some are publicly traded but with controlling shares held by the family and others are employee owned. Independents are the true “entrepreneurs” of the grocery industry and dedicated to their customers, associates, and communities. N.G.A. members include retail and wholesale grocers, state grocers associations, as well as manufacturers and service suppliers.For more information about the National Grocers Association┬áplease visit: