Scale-Label Printers

We carry a variety of Scale Label Printer solutions to match virtually any business type or size. Scale options in this category range from touch screen or keyboard, pole or built-in displays, removeable or fixed label cartridges, and networkability options. Label printers also vary in functionality – nutrition, ingredients, free-format vs. die cut labels, and more. Select a scale based on your business needs. Consult with one of our sales professionals today!

Designed to suit small independents and convenience stores, the IX series meets the essential needs of the local retailer at the most economical price. More

The Ishida AC-4000 scale label printer features a bright dot matrix display, removeable media cartridges, a large keyboard, and able to print a variety of label formats including ingredient print and nutrition information. More

Flash memory for better performance. Standard memory can hold up to 3,000 PLUs and the expansion memory card offers up to 10,000 PLUs. More

Ishida Uni-3 Scale Label Printer L2 Bench Model Front View.

The Ishida Uni-3 Scale Label Printer is the perfect grocery deli scale from Ishida and offers a powerful feature set at a very affordable price. More

The Ishida Uni-5 touch screen scale label printer packs many features into an attractive low profile, small footprint case. More

The Ishida Uni-7 touch screen scale label printer boasts a front-loading label cartridge, a full colour customer display, and multiple label formats including free-format continuous labels, logos, ingredient print, and nutrition information. No scale label printer is more flexible. More