Retail POS Solutions

catapult_ecrs_retail_automation_logoCatapult retail point-of-sale (POS), inventory automation, chain management, and self-service solutions are designed to help your enterprise achieve greater bottom-line results and excel in competitive markets. The Catapult retail automation suite provides your retail enterprise with the tools for increased success, today and far into the future. Every retail product we offer is designed to deliver revenue improvement through technology automation.

Modern retailers require a reliable system with the ability to withstand years of heavy use and the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs and innovative new ideas. With proven ROI, measurable results, flexibility and unsurpassed dependability, Catapult is the last retail automation solution you will ever need.

Catapult is a mature, scalable POS product, with many features and optional modules designed to serve a variety of specialized retail markets. Whether you have 1 store or 1000, Catapult will maximize your store’s potential by streamlining day to day retail operations. Browse the list of categories here online and feel free to contact one of our retail sales consultants to assist you in finding the right combination of options that’s right for your business.

Catapult harnesses the latest retail POS system technology to help ensure that you have the control of your day-to-day operations that you demand. You’ll be amazed at the richness of Catapult’s point of sale feature set, which comes from years of experience meeting the needs of retailers just like you. More

In today’s competitive retail market, having up-to-the-minute information is vital for staying in control of your retail store. Catapult’s powerful back office reporting system is included with the Catapult point of sale system and provides the reports and analyses you need to make the right decisions at the right time. More

Integrated credit & debit at the POS helps retail merchants reduce errors in data entry, reduce fraud & theft, improve reporting accuracy, manage cash flow, and minimize risk. More

Catapult’s Gift Card module is integrated with the point of sale and allows retailers host their own gift card service, giving you the power to control your customers’ total experience. And with Catapult Gift, there’s no transaction fees, ever. More

Catapult’s Customer Billboard is an option that interfaces with the Catapult POS helps retailers drive sales and impulse buying in the checkout lanes. The CID dynamically displays advertising, the customer’s live transaction journal, and scale readout on a secondary LCD screen. More

A hand held terminal (HHT) can be worth its weight in gold by assisting with inventory data collection. Working seamlessly with the Catapult point of sale system, the HHT can be loaded with one or more worksheets, and the time to process and organize inventory can be reduced significantly. More

The Catapult Appliance Server is a secure database server that manages Catapult POS services throughout the retail store. Completely plug & play, the CAS eliminates the chore of server management while providing the necessary database horsepower required to run a mission critical point of sale system in a busy retail store. More

Retail owners are realizing that self-checkout systems greatly improve customer service and increase operational efficiency while providing a strategic competitive advantage. Today’s shoppers have demanding expectations, and the conveniences provided by self-checkout are very high on their list. More

Catapult Enterprise Edition uses proven data synchronization technologies to bring inexpensive and powerful computing resources to all corners of your retail chain. Catapult multistore allows chains to exchange inventory changes, sales data, process management, and discounts, reducing labour costs while improving efficiency. More

The Supplier Gatway is a unique middleware application that facilitates automatic electronic data interchange (EDI) between retailers and suppliers for POs, PO Acknowledgments, Shipping Notices, Vendor Catalog Updates, Invoicing, and Promotions. More

The Catapult Membership Server (CMS) gives cooperatives and membership-based stores streamlined control over their member programs by tracking vital information in real time right from the point of sale. More

Catapult Fuel Server

The Open Fuel Server integrates seamlessly with Catapult to provide a cashier-friendly system that handles fuel sales within Catapult POS. More

Whether you have ten stores or hundreds of stores, one warehouse or many, Multistore Demand Fulfillment leverages modern web technology and proven EDI standards to allow chain retailers to reduce labor overhead and operational complexities while optimizing warehouse inventories and streamlining demand-related processes across the enterprise. More

Catapult Loyalty Points™ is a self-hosted loyalty program enabling customer point accrual and easy point redemption with no contract lock-in or monthly fees. More

Catapult integrates with popular grocery and deli scales to streamline weighed foods management. This scale management technology enables accurate pricing, margin control, easy promotion maintenance, and simplifies management of fresh food items. More

Payroll deduction at the POS can be a valuable employee privilege and a preferred method of payment and is an available module for Catapult Retail POS. More

Catapult Integration Host™, is a multi-purpose e-Commerce API that is available to provide seamless integration between Catapult point-of-sale and a variety of e-Commerce Systems. More