POS Hardware Platforms

toshiba_st-b20_pos_engine_openedThe POS platform is more than just a computer. This is the very engine that your retail or restaurant POS system will run on. Making the correct decision here can make the difference between a system that helps you increase service and sales, or one that drags on your productivity. All POS hardware platforms listed here have been certified by the POS Specialists at Armagh, and are 100% compatible with our Catapult Retail POS and Digital Dining Restaurant POS software products.

Key factors when choosing a POS hardware platform:

  • All-in-One or Parts & Pieces
  • Functionality of Design
  • Ergonomics & Space
  • Liquid & Dust Resistance
  • Integrated Options (ie. Touch Screen, Wireless, Customer Displays, Card Readers)
  • Power Consumption & Heat Disipation
  • Cable Management
  • Interface and Port Requirements
  • Consistency Parts Availability
  • 24/7 Support & Onsite Service

The Toshiba WillPOS ST-B10, a POS engine so compact and easy-to-use with power and efficiency way beyond its size. Superior build quality and reliability give you the trust you need, yet with a low total cost of ownership (TCO) from fast and easy maintenance. More

Direct from the POS experts at Toshiba, an energy-saving yet powerful POS engine, specifically designed to provide maximum power efficiency while reducing environmental impact. The innovative Toshiba WillPOS ST-B20, with its quick and effortless ‘slide-out’ servicing, is the smart choice for today’s eco-friendly retailer. More

Toshiba SurePOS 580 Touch Screen POS

Toshiba SurePOS 580 with advanced IR touch screen technology provides the ultimate retail hardened point-of-sale terminal for the most demanding of retail, grocery and hospitality environments. More

Toshiba TCx Wave on Dock w Catapult

Toshiba TCx Wave touch screen panel POS is the ultimate modular POS form factor for retail, grocery, and restaurant. With nearly every desirable feature and configuration available, it’s hard to imagine a POS hardware solution in the market today that can best it. More