Liquor Inventory Control Solutions

freepour logoFreePour Controls inc. is a leading developer of inventory control systems for the hospitality industry. The company has been in business since 1987, offering a complete line of bar inventory management products. The Freepour system help to manage inventory and deliver profits to our clients.

Freepour Controls has a solution for draught beer and liquor products, to suit the diverse needs of the hospitality industry in beverage cost management. Each solution has the same fundamental benefits – fast, easy, accurate, invisible to customers, and can be interfaced with Digital Dining and a variety of other hospitality products.

The FreePour solutions provide powerful and timely reports that make your bartenders accountable, thereby creating a deterrent to waste, spillage, over pouring, and theft. The result is increased bar profits that inevitably cover the cost of the systems.

The FreePour system comes in two parts: DraftChecker for draft beer inventory management, and ScanChecker for liquor inventory management. They can be used together or separately, and they can be interfaced to your POS system, or be operated stand-alone. Browse the systems here online and contact one of our sales professionals to find the configuration that suits your bar inventory needs.

The ScanChecker Scale works together with the Freepour software suite, Freepour Studio to provide easy and accurate measurement of liquor inventory at your bar. The Freepour system integrates seamlessly with the Digital Dining Restaurant Point-of-Sale system to for complete control of your bar or inventory. More

Freepour DraftChecker Meter

DraftChecker consists of an incredibly accurate infrared flow sensor that measures how much draught beer has been poured out of each tap by your bartenders. The information is sent to your computer in the office, where it is compared with sales figures that have been imported from Digital Dining, or any other POS system. More