Digital Dining Hospitality Management System

The Digital Dining touch screen POS (Point-Of-Sale) software covers anything from quick service to fine dining restaurants and everything in between. In this section you can find solutions for bars, nightclubs, fast food, casual and fine dining, hotels, country clubs, and anywhere that food and or beverage is provided and a POS system is required to track sales.  


Catapult Retail Automation System

The Catapult Retail Automation System is more than just a retail touch screen point-of-sale (POS) solution. Catapult covers a variety of business models from touch screen kiosks to multi-lane grocery automation systems. In this section you can find retail scanning and inventory solutions for convenience, grocery, pet & pet services, garden centers, specialty stores, liquor & wine shops, sporting goods, drug stores & pharmacy, health and nutrition, gift shops, clothing & apparel, and a multitude of other general retail applications.


POS Hardware & Peripherals

A retail or hospitality system is only as good as it’s parts. It is the very engine that your data resides. Software, servers, cables, receipt printers, touch screens – these are just a few of the many components that make up a modern POS solution. We service and warranty all of our hardware components with certified technicians and several hundred years of combined technical experience.


Toshiba TEC Cash Registers

For over 30 years Armagh Cash Register has sold and serviced cash registers in Canada, and for 30 years Armagh has sold Toshiba TEC cash registers. This section will have many simple and inexpensive hardware-based cash register solutions. 


Weigh Scales & Scale Label Printers

We offer a diverse range of scales to suit most retail, pre-pack, and production needs. Whether your running a restaurant and need a portion control scale, or a grocery store and require a scale-label printer, or a production facility and require a floor scale, this section has a complete line of legal-for-trade retail and price computing scales for the front end of your business, as well as a series of production and utility scales for your back room.


FreePour Liquor & Draught Inventory Control System

Freepour is a unique inventory solution for draught beer and liquor products, to suit the diverse needs of the hospitality industry in beverage cost management. Each solution has the same fundamental benefits – fast, easy, accurate, invisible to customers, and can be interfaced with Digital Dining and a variety of other hospitality products.


LRS Pagers

Armagh offers a variety of LRS paging solutions for restaurants and retail service sectors. Long Range Systems (LRS) has been the leading innovator of guest and staff management systems for almost 15 years. In 1995, they invented the popular coaster guest pager and now provide more pagers than anyone else.


QSR Automations

QSR Automations set the industry standard with the ePic® Kitchen Video Solution, a complete system for advanced kitchen automation that enables restaurants of all sizes and concepts to ensure food quality, reduce costs, and elevate on-site operations.