About Armagh

Armagh POS HistoryOur History

Armagh is one of Canada’s oldest and most established cash register and POS system providers. We specialize in retail and restaurant point-of-sale (POS) systems, cash registers, scales, inventory control solutions, self-checkout, and wireless hand-held mobile solutions. Since 1979, Armagh has been independently owned and operated and headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario. Tens of thousands of people have relied on our point of sale software solutions for their businesses. We provide the infrastructure with which retailers and hospitality providers may better connect with and serve their customers. Simply put, for over 30 years, your customers have been our customers.

armagh_missionOur Mission

It’s crucial that a company know it’s purpose. This is our mission statement at Armagh. Today, a cash register is more than just a calculator on a drawer. Point of sale software systems often provide the infrastructure and customer service management systems that your entire business revolves around. Because these systems can impact your business’ financial future more than any other single product you will buy for your business, it’s important to understand the motivation behind the advice and council you will receive from your POS system service provider.

armagh_valuesOur Values

If the Mission is the heart of our business, then our values are its soul. Our values are how we conduct business and even our lives in pursuit of our mission. Be sure that the values of your POS system service provider are congruent with your own.