Toshiba TEC Cash Registers

cash_registers_productsFor over 30 years Armagh has sold Toshiba TEC cash registers due to their unparalelled quality, ease of use, and reliability. There is simply nothing easier or more reliable on the market today than a Toshiba TEC.

Cash registers by their very nature serve a variety of different store types, easily able to food service locations such as restaurants, quick service and fast food, bars, and retail stores such as grocery, convenience, pet stores and pet services, clothing and fashion, and beyond.


The Toshiba TEC MA-600 raised keyboard cash register is excellent for a variety of retail environments, such as convenience stores, small grocery stores, clothing and apparel, gift shops, kiosks, and other applications where a simple retail cash register is required. More

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The Toshiba TEC MA-600-1F is the flat-keyboard version of the Toshiba TEC MA-600 cash register, and it’s rubberized flat keyboard makes it perfect for small restaurant, bar, cafeteria, and other food service locations where food or accidental splashes might be a problem. More

Cash Register

The Toshiba FS-2700 food service POS terminal was designed for small restaurants, bars, quick service and fast food. Because of it’s large reliable keyboard design and nested menu abilities, the FS-2700 is perfect for the restaurant manager that doesn’t want a touch screen POS system. More